Laura Eldret

Laura Eldret’s practice explores social formats, looking at divergent aspects of how groups of people gather. She explores the agency of art within this broad cultural sphere, and is interested in aesthetic elements that bind people together. She has an ongoing interest in contrasts between free action, rule-bound behaviour and reiterations (repetition as a process of refinement). Often involving or inspired by diverse groups of people, such as boxers and builders, her work manifests in a broad range of media including videos, drawings, fabric works, stage-like installations, as well as live events in gallery spaces and in the public realm.

Bio: Laura Eldret (b. 1982, Macclesfield) lives and works in London. Works and projects include ‘Rough Play’ a commission for South London Gallery (2013), ‘Power Plays’ a solo exhibition at TheGallery, Bournemouth (2012), ‘Fought’ a re-enacted boxing match working with firefighters, a new ‘ritual’ as part of a residency at Camden Arts Centre (2011). Group exhibitions include Ikon (2013), Focal Point Gallery (2012), Glasgow International (2012), Baltic (2012), Five Hundred Dollars (2010).  As a recent recipient of an award from Artists International Development Fund she is spending time in Mexico in 2014 researching ‘Fabric, Fighting and Fiestas’.