Nell Sully

Nell Sully is a London based Artist who grew up partially in Nottingham. She undertook an MFA programme at Wimbledon College of Art which was completed with merit in 2015. Her overarching practice is concerned with how our neural systems work to store emotions, and what emotions we may have been given through our epigenetic DNA. It has recently been discovered that there is a node system in one of the layers of the meninges that connects directly to the immune system. Through her exploration into the power of sound and it’s journey into the body she believes that sound is particularly important to the formation of memory and is in some way solidified, perhaps as ‘crystals’ and that when the mind maps memory it does so in a similar way to the mystical phenomena of ‘non locality’ as understood in quantum physics- two separate things connected over space and time as if by magic. Her practice focuses through a variety of media, the way we transfer between our inner and outer apperception and how the weight of these conflicting judgements and emotive fixed memories produce absurd human behaviours and posits that we can change the way we feel through practice. She is in various collections and has exhibited in group shows regularly.