Wright & Vandame

Wright & Vandame are a collaborative artist duo whose recent body of work explores the contemporary gym culture and spirituality through sculpture, painting, performance and site-specific environmental work. Their work is playful, participatory, and often involves audience engagement in order to question the role of the artist and issues of taste, identity, and authorship.

Consisting of Josh Wright (b. 1993, High Wycombe) and Guillaume Vandame (b. 1991, New York), Wright & Vandame live and work in London. They had their first solo show together for fig-2 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London in 2015, transforming the ICA Studio into a free working gym with twenty-seven exercise classes taught by invited trainers and artists including Karimah Ashadu, Adham Faramawy, and Marvin Gaye Chetwynd.