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Victor Seaward
Fiona Grady in her studio Fiona Grady 2021

  • Alexander Bevan is a London-based artist, who graduated from Kingston University (2020) studying Illustration Animation. Within Alexander’s practice, he canters around careful observation, using specific marks to describe a scene in its simplest form, whether this is in oil paint or charcoal. Instagram



Alice McCabe is a multi-media artist who works with flowers for a living, creating floral installations, paintings and performances often with foraged and found materials of an ephemeral nature. Underpinning her work is a love of misunderstanding and humour, gleaned from a keen interest in Dada. An optimistic nihilist her work is designed to help the viewer reconstrue – and find space for – colourful protest within everyday life.  Insta – @popsymag / @meta_fleur   Web – / /

Ben Deakin was born in 1977 and grew up in Cumbria, UK. He studied Fine Art at Kingston University and Central Saint Martins respectively gaining an MA in 2006. Recent exhibitions include: 2014: Tan lines: Tannery Arts, London; Full Circle: Drawing Room/UBM Project, London; Disclosure: Chart Gallery, London. 2013: Summer Saloon Show: Lion and Lamb Gallery, London, Marmite Prize for Painting: Nationally touring exhibition; Drawing Biennial: Drawing Room, London; Working on the Inside: Tannery Arts Space, London. 2012: 30 Artists 30 Days: Studio 1.1, London; Parallels of Latitude: Drawing Room/UBM projects, London, He curated the exhibition NordLust at Crimestown Gallery, London in 2008. He is currently planning further residencies a group exhibition to be held in London in 2015.

Caitlin Williams is a jeweller hand-making her pieces in silver and gold. With a minimal style, Caitlin Williams Jewellery is designed to be worn every day and crafted to last, with the intention to stay with someone for a lifetime.” Socials: @caitlinwilliams_jewellery




Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian is a multi-media artist whose work has been described as “wide-ranging, dynamic and utterly unique” (BBC Music Magazine). Recently, she has created pieces for wearable tech premièred at the BBC Proms, a residency with the Mahler & LeWitt Studios, and installations for Coventry City of Culture. @cevannemusic

Chris Cawkwell explores consumer culture; utilising contemporary technologies, interactive elements and brand recognition to critique our social systems, and highlight the rate at which products are consumed and commodified.  @chriscawkwell

Cooking Sections examines the systems that organize the world through food. Using site-responsive installation, performance, and video, they explore the overlapping boundaries between art, architecture, ecology and geopolitics. Established in London in 2013 by Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe, their practice uses food as a lens and a tool to observe landscapes in transformation. Website and socials: @cookingsections @weareclimavore

Eleanor Turnbull creates sculptural installations involving sound, moving image and story telling. Eleanor completed an MFA in Fine Art at The Slade School of Fine Art (2022) and was awarded the Emerging Artist Fund, Sarabande Foundation (2022). Socials: @norajelly


Ella Belenky socials @e_lla_b_


Felix Carr Located between painting, drawing and writing, my work manipulates the reciprocal actions of text and image, teasing aesthetic tropes and  culturally engrained motifs of visual culture. Echoing figuration and abstraction, the paintings interrogate the social significance of Late Modernist vernacular.  Socials:  @felixcarr_

Fiona Grady creates large site-responsive drawings on walls, windows and floors using sequences of dispersing geometric shapes. Her practice recognizes the relationship between architecture, installation art and decoration; often using traditional mediums in a modern context. She plays with light, surface and scale; each piece changes with the light of day emphasizing the passing of time and the ephemeral nature of the work.

Fiona Grady (born 1984, Leeds) studied BA Fine Art at the University of Wales In Cardiff (UWIC) 2004-2007 before completing as Masters degree in Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art (UAL) 2010- 2011. Grady has been short-listed for several printmaking prizes including Neo-print Prize 2014, Bainbridge Open 2012 and Clifford Chance’s Survey of MA printmaking 2011. Her public commissions include Deptford Rail Station, Beacons Music Festival, Leeds Town Hall and Jealous Gallery Rooftop Mural Project. She has had recent solo exhibitions ‘Fields of Light’ at Barbican Arts Trust (2014) and ‘Tempered Deflections’ (2015) at Footfall Arts, London. Her work is owned in private and public collections.


Georgina Webster is a London based artist. Her body of work explores abstraction via an autonomous drawing practice. Collecting a language of glyphs and motifs seen day to day and allowing instinct to direct the translation of these into paint and collage.

Hannah Luxton sees significance in moments when the ephemeral qualities of the natural world entwine with the solid edges of the built environment. She creates a similarly unexpected relationship by communicating depth of space and activating imagination through line and texture, whilst exploiting the paradox of perspective and the immediacy of the painted surface. In her painting and drawing she places geometry within a natural setting, and has developed a reductive visual language using recurring motifs that gives each object a value; when they co-exist their significance is compounded. The works have an emotive core that is elemental, yet fragile and fleeting.

Hannah Luxton (b.1986, London) lives and works in London. She graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art MA program in 2012, and studied her BA in Fine Art at Kingston University. Exhibitions include ‘Schichtwechsel’, Art in Perpetuity Trust (2015); ‘All S-he Ever Wanted to Be’, Galleria M, Kolkata, India (2015); ‘So Many Constellations’, Mayors Parlour Gallery (2015); ‘Again From Here’, hArts Lane Studios (2015); ‘The Trouble with Painting Today’, Pump House Gallery (2014); ‘Showcase’, (solo) Footfall Art pop-up, (2013); ‘Veiled Infinity’, (solo) Barbican Arts Group Trust (2013); ‘One of the Forgotten’, Frameless Gallery (2012). Public art projects include the City of London Festival, Lindt Big Egg Hunt and the 500 Festival. Hannah has received the Betty Malcolm Scholarship for Stage and Decorative Painting (2012), and the Painter Stainers bursary for Fine Art (2011). Awarded residencies include The Fljotstunga Travel Farm, Iceland (2015) and the Trelex Residency, Switzerland (2013).

Khaver Idrees reclaims the concept of Jihaad from the patriarchal domain by viewing it through the lens of Alchemy. She seeks to challenge, rebalance and re-imagine received narratives through the subjugated voice, bringing a shared heritage to the fore. Her work celebrates complexity and interconnectivity as a way forward to weaving history. @khaveridrees

Laura Eldret’s practice explores social formats, looking at divergent aspects of how groups of people gather. She explores the agency of art within this broad cultural sphere, and is interested in aesthetic elements that bind people together. She has an ongoing interest in contrasts between free action, rule-bound behaviour and reiterations (repetition as a process of refinement). Often involving or inspired by diverse groups of people, such as boxers and builders, her work manifests in a broad range of media including videos, drawings, fabric works, stage-like installations, as well as live events in gallery spaces and in the public realm.

Bio: Laura Eldret (b. 1982, Macclesfield) lives and works in London. Works and projects include ‘Rough Play’ a commission for South London Gallery (2013), ‘Power Plays’ a solo exhibition at TheGallery, Bournemouth (2012), ‘Fought’ a re-enacted boxing match working with firefighters, a new ‘ritual’ as part of a residency at Camden Arts Centre (2011). Group exhibitions include Ikon (2013), Focal Point Gallery (2012), Glasgow International (2012), Baltic (2012), Five Hundred Dollars (2010).  As a recent recipient of an award from Artists International Development Fund she is spending time in Mexico in 2014 researching ‘Fabric, Fighting and Fiestas’.


Louise Oates is an artist working across photography, sculpture and video. Oates’ work focuses on the interplay, contingencies and collaborations between such materials as water, rocks, stomachs, proteins, fermentation, electrical charge, mycelial growth and copper sulphate. Often operating through modalities of scales, systems and assemblages, Oates allows for material agency and performativity whilst interrogating the role of human observation and participation. Socials: @louiseoates


Lucy Renton– My practice explores pattern, repetition, and ornament, often the context of the home, drawing on sources from textile and wallpaper craft processes and design since the 18th century, Gothic and Decadent literature, and psychedelia. I take an improvised or provisional approach to staging the work, often working collaboratively with other artists on exhibitions in situ. Insta   @_lucy_renton    Website

Magnus Ayers makes the digital into physical and visceral experiences. I emulate industrial methods, deploying them in haphazard and contradictory processes. I completed my MFA at Slade in 2021 and joined Tannery Arts during 2020. @magnusayers

Mahal de Man studied Fine Art at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands, and now lives and works in London. Her artistic practice mainly focuses on collage, drawings and pottery, in combination with imagery of outer space. Through her work she tries to grab hold of the infinite and intangible universe and the meaning of human life.

Maria Teresa Ortoleva is an artist working with diagrammatic drawing, sculpture and installation. Her practice traverses science, data physicalisation and mental health to articulate exhibitions, site-specific and public commissions, interdisciplinary collaborations and community engagement projects. A graduate of the Slade (MA, 2014) she exhibits between the UK and Italy where she is represented by Luca Tommasi gallery. She currently is an associate Kings Artist in the department of Informatics at King’s College London. @mariateresaortoleva

Mark Jackson is a painter whose work explores: speculative figuration; how we think in unfolding images; and improvisation through a range of layered, painting modes. He graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2006. Instagram: @mrk_jcksn

Born in 1980, Australia.

Nadine Talalla was educated in Malaysia, Australia, China and United Kingdom, She completed a Foundation in Chinese Painting and Cultural Studies from Beijing Language & Cultural Studies, a Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting, at The Royal Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2004 and a Masters of Arts Management at The University of Melbourne in 2006.

Living in Malaysia, Australia, China and the United Kingdom has been a fertile influence for her artistic practice. She creates large figurative abstract paintings with bold colours and imagery inspired from her international upbringing.

Nadine Talalla has recently completed the Turps Banana Studio programme under the mentorship of Neal Tait and has participated in numerous exhibitions in the UK and internationally.

Nell Sully is a London based Artist who grew up partially in Nottingham. She undertook an MFA programme at Wimbledon College of Art which was completed with merit in 2015. Her overarching practice is concerned with how our neural systems work to store emotions, and what emotions we may have been given through our epigenetic DNA. It has recently been discovered that there is a node system in one of the layers of the meninges that connects directly to the immune system. Through her exploration into the power of sound and it’s journey into the body she believes that sound is particularly important to the formation of memory and is in some way solidified, perhaps as ‘crystals’ and that when the mind maps memory it does so in a similar way to the mystical phenomena of ‘non locality’ as understood in quantum physics- two separate things connected over space and time as if by magic. Her practice focuses through a variety of media, the way we transfer between our inner and outer apperception and how the weight of these conflicting judgements and emotive fixed memories produce absurd human behaviours and posits that we can change the way we feel through practice. She is in various collections and has exhibited in group shows regularly.

Oliver Griffin is best known for his typologies of objects and situations that explore the mundane, the boring, and the everyday; these primarily take the form of photographic prints, sculptures and artist’s books.  Socials:


Panos Chavatzas studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts and lives and works in London. My practice involves the exploration of figurative and abstract painting. Since 2012 has been active in art education.


Phyllida Barlow, for more than 50 years, has taken inspiration from her surroundings to create imposing installations that can be at once menacing and playful. She creates anti-monumental sculptures from inexpensive, low-grade materials such as cardboard, fabric, plywood, polystyrene, scrim and cement. These constructions are often painted in industrial or vibrant colours, the seams of their construction left at times visible, revealing the means of their making. Barlow has exhibited extensively across institutions internationally and in 2017 represented Britain at the Venice Biennale.

Purdey Fitzherbert embraces the full journey in her works, starting with hand ground pigments all the way to relinquishing her dominant role as a maker and trusting the natural processes to carry through her artistic vision and to release the creative force behind it. Purdey herself views it as a process of ‘discovery and mystery, some of which will always be unknown’. The courage of letting the beauty be revealed ‘from within the darkness of matter’ without interventions and impositions is the vital aspect of Purdey’s nature as an artist.

My current work is studies related to The Nez Perce Indians 1,500 mile Freedom Trail in 1877. The people the Landscape and the music.

Rowan Whybrew (b. 1975) studied Fine Art in London, he received his MA in 2011 from Wimbledon College of Art (UAL). He works in a range of media, though remains predominantly an image maker. His practice is rooted in creative documentary, and often references art history. His work is typically concerned with exploring collective memory and post-modern confabulations of the past.

Roxana Halls is an award-winning British painter best known for her images of women laughing while escaping from catastrophic situations. Her work has been exhibited in numerous group shows and she has held many solo exhibitions including at The National Theatre, South Bank, London. Her commissions include Alan Grieve CBE, Chairman of the Jerwood Foundation and for BBC Arts. She has been a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and Only Artists, recorded in her London studio and she was the featured artist of the first episode of BBC One’s Extraordinary Portraits. She is exhibited and collected widely in the UK and internationally including the permanent collections of St. Catherine’s College Oxford, The Scottish National Portrait Gallery & The Science Museum. @roxanahallsartist @RoxanaHalls

Sara Haq “My practice is a living, breathing constantly evolving process that consciously seeks to provoke and inspire natural evolution in people, institutions and environments” Socials:



Sophie Mei Birkin is a London based artist- her multimedia practice investigates psychophysical responses to materials. Her work explores the transformation of matter, threshold states and mutation


Tom Witherick is an artist and furniture maker based in South London. With a practice that is primarily based in sculpture his work often involves aspects of assemblage, performance and writing. Socials: @tomwitherick

Victor Seaward graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2018 with an MA in Painting. His work is rooted in materiality, technological manufacture, and the agency of objects. Mining a broad spectrum of material culture, Seaward juxtaposes utilitarian materials with high-tech manufactured components and objects of historical significance – in order to investigate authorship, commodity, and the fluid nature of time and permanence. @victor_seaward


Wright & Vandame are a collaborative artist duo whose recent body of work explores the contemporary gym culture and spirituality through sculpture, painting, performance and site-specific environmental work. Their work is playful, participatory, and often involves audience engagement in order to question the role of the artist and issues of taste, identity, and authorship.

Consisting of Josh Wright (b. 1993, High Wycombe) and Guillaume Vandame (b. 1991, New York), Wright & Vandame live and work in London. They had their first solo show together for fig-2 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London in 2015, transforming the ICA Studio into a free working gym with twenty-seven exercise classes taught by invited trainers and artists including Karimah Ashadu, Adham Faramawy, and Marvin Gaye Chetwynd.

Youn Yunlong Zhang -I often work in sculpture, image and writing. Socials: @younzh_